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Golden Age of Knowhere

This song is by Funeral Party.

I saw the ages brought down by fear
Watch them run off and return for years and years
Sought out the lights making all lost clear
As we dried out are blank-stares from ear to ear

Here we are Suit up we're ready to fight the war
Watch the birds carry on while we set for more
Crawled out are house to mend the scars
As we weld together they fall so far

Soon all the pieces of broken time
Held together for seconds what's left to find
Throw out your backs and hold up your arms
As we march out the temples return to the stars

Here we are Complicated matters in my frame
As we make are way out to the sun
Journey through it all we'll try to tame
And were doing it before it's done

Make are marking out through all the woods
As we fling are bodies in the sun
It was coming up becoming way to clear
It's a feeling I can never sale


Written by:

Kimo Kauhola; Chad Elliot Rodriguez; James Torres; Tim Madrid

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