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Your Revolution Is A Joke

This song is by Funeral for a Friend and appears on the album Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation (2003).

They stand to fight for nothing.
They show how stupid we've become,
as fortune favours only
those who care too much to see.

It will never be ok,
some will say.

We stand to fight for nothing.
So close your eyes and stay away.
Don't believe their headlines.
They poison our minds
every day.
It will never be the same,
the purpose buried every day.

And lies that lead you
to the grave,
some will say.

And you will never be ok,
as some will say.

The purpose buried every day,
as some will say.

Lies that lead you to the grave,
as some will say.

Your revolution
is a joke,
as I will say.

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