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Exhumation of the Ancient

This song is by Funebrarum and appears on the EP Exhumation of the Ancient (2016).

Peer into the black mirror
Call forth the abysmal names
Come thee here...
Decayed souls
Left to wander in darkness
Centuries lost in oblivion
Hear my invocation

Thundering cruelty explodes
From hideous chaotic chambers
Infernal burning tombs
Glowing beyond the gates

Of the ancient dead
Rotting vaults emerge
Through blood-soaked black soil

Epiphanous upheaval of mortal sanity
Call forth the ancient names
Visions erupt beyond darkness
The deepest hell unleashed

Behold, as rancid caskets open
The arrival of the dead
Upon the earth, darkness swarms
An immensity of endless evil
Enshrined in desolation

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