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​Draped in Silence

This song is by Funebrarum and appears on the EP Exhumation of the Ancient (2016).

Spectral visions
Infest an old house
Unheard in bleak emptiness
A mournful passing

I feel the freezing winds of beyond
Roaring behind the walls
Floating into the vastness of cold
To where I cannot go

Beckoning, the place of eternal sleep
Yet cursed I remain
Embraced within the shroud of death
Forever laid to rest

Haunting the dark halls
The twisted anger of the dead
Pounding and splintering the oaken walls
The eyes of dusty portraits follow me

Draped In Silence...

Hark the knell of the requiem bell
A disquieting metamorphosis
The foulest effluvium spills out down the stairs
The haunt of virulent spirits