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​Abandoned Gods

This song is by Funebrarum and appears on the EP Exhumation of the Ancient (2016).

Mutilation of Limbs
Screams echo in the dark
On the desert of suffering
Unholy shrieks of anguish

Retain your soul
Festering abomination
Walk into the winds of wrath
Beneath the columns of abandoned gods

Unleashed Despondency
Horrors are burnt alive
Daunted in grief - the souls remain
To drown in the deepest blood

Eternal Solitude
Desecrated purity

Overwhelming forces
Of immense shifting power
Scorch and incinerate
Suffer beneath the tomb

A cavernous void - of death and malice
Over obscure graves
Through caves of excrement and moldering corpses
The deepest wasteland

Triumphant Ascent - Upon the Throne
Behold the agonized souls and the thousand worlds below...
Eternity Lies Below.