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This song is by Fundisha.

So many times, i sit around
i think about how much i wanted you to be closer to me
there for me to talk to, get advice, hold me, love me
tell me everything will be alright
you're in for a long, for a cry, for a try to
get anybody just didn't try to be my reality
so can you please tell me why it never happened this way

I just don't understand why you couldn't care for me (noo)
i just don't understand why you couldn't love me (meeeeee)
i just don't understand why you couldn't be there for me
i just don't understand (ohh) tell me, tell me

As i got older i searched for a found it in the wrong people
realize i never knew love by a man
wanted to learn from you, so i'd know what to do
what to say how to feel, when it's real have a blame
blessing to find the man upstairs to care for me, to love me, be there for me
he lead me and took me by the hand
my father never forsaked me
he told me not to put all my trust in a man, man


You said you love me
and you called me your rising star
you said you sorry, do you need it, i need to know if this is from the heart
oh how i love you, oh how i need you to be inside my life
da da da da da daaaa i just don't understand

(Chorus 4x)

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