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This song is by Fun Lovin' Criminals.

Blues and reds and 9 an' a half grand
I had customs eatin' outta the palm of my hand
And when the smoke didn't clear
I looked for my bag
Lies a little old lady whose trafficking skag
For Bedo and Lewis I reflect through the noise
Lyin' cheatin' killers but a nice pair of boys
I catch my cue o yes love I've had it
Sleepycat needs that cab so I grabbed it
Yo my man! I headed downtown

De hado me, un poquito más, now baby
De hado me, my love, un poquito más

Now never say maybe especially to your girl
Mine wanted answers so I gave her the world
The drugs kept me goin' honey, the money's for bail
Marten got the fear cause he's never been to jail
I told them it wasn't mine but they knew me and pounced
They found it, we haggled, I still got half an ounce
Now baby, here I am back like the Jets,
Turn down the lights, time to have sex

Chorus (x4)

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