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Shining Star

This song is by Fun Lovin' Criminals and appears on the album 100% Colombian (1998) and on the compilation album Mimosa (1999).

This song is a cover of "Shining Star" by The Manhattans.
Honey you, are my shining star, and don't you go away,
I wanna be, right here where you are, until my dying day

So many have tried, tried to find,
A love like yours an mine, yeah baby,
Girl don't you relaise that your hypnotised,
It makes me love you more and more each time, yeah baby.

Honey I'm never gonna leave you lonely,
I'm giving my love to you one and only, one and only.

It feels so good, lying here next to you,
Lost in love, yeah baby,
'Cause baby when we touch, I love you so much,
You're everything I've ever dreamed of, yeah baby.

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