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China Girl

This song is by Fun-Tomas and appears on the album What A Feeling (1997).

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Dāng wǒ dì yī yǎn jiàn dào nǐ,
When I first looked at you,

的时候 就失落了我自己
的時候 就失落了我自己
De shí hòu jìu shī là liǎo wǒ zì jǐ
At which time, at once, (I) knew (I) lost /left-behind myself

When I look into your eyes
And let me feel like paradise
My baby, sweet baby.

I never felt this way before,
I want to love you more and more,
My baby, sweet baby.
~China girl~

Thinking broad, late at night,
And a broken wall of light,
And foreign music
In my ear.

Mystery was everywhere,
Strange vibrations in the air,
And no way
To disappear.

And so I saw the pretty girl,
Shining as like a bird,
And lips
Sweet as wide.

I've lost my heart to lose [...],
Give my life while I embrace,
And destiny
Will make you mine.

Candle light, sweet champagne,
I want to kiss you once again,
But we are alone
As time goes by.

It's not fair, I have to say,
I'm so sorry, I can't stay,
But honey,
Please don't cry.

Flaming lips,
Two hours spent.
Will this ever be a happy end?-
'Cause I'm on my way back home.

Don't be sad, you know it's true,
I will remember you,
My little
China girl.

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