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Masquerading With Dawn

This song is by Fruupp and appears on the album Modern Masquerades (1975).

She looked out to see
The moon in the sky.
Carelessly passing by.
While all of her truths
Were lost in a lie.
Oh, but the night was high.
She always thought that life
Was bought and sold.
From whence she came
Was left untold.
And now she's lost in a world full of cost.

She learned how to live,
She learned how to give
Always in need of love.
And once came a stranger
A friend of a friend.
Resembling a god from above.
Ah, but he loved her much
And loved her will.
But things came late and later still.
And now he's gone.
Masquerading with dawn.

And she thought she could see.
Someone to make her be.
A friend most definitely.
She'd say explicitly.
'T was love indeed to be.
'T was love indeed to be.
She looked out see.
The night's mystery.
'T was not for her to be.
Said the moon, laughingly.

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