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Mortal Run

This song is by Frozen and appears on the album 3 (2011).

Fighting the mischief
Sub hole the things that imprison god in white
See the robes of gold on the shovel head
Carve my nails, it's easy mortals
Searching the mind in roundabout turns
Searching in the damn near dark

Follow beacons
Carve my nails
Burn us
The demon wants in out the tapeworm

Who knew?

Follow swallow the meat down
Burn the meal affords the pain and suffering
Love sheltered you're on a mortal run you better do a good
Glide roundabout stepping on a landmine

I know
Peace out this life
Keep running random
Living isn't easy
Channel full of reason
Scars on the knee zone
Search mine in the damn near dark

Who knew?

Fools only know what they see
Arrive by the seal without eyes
Follow the name of desire
Our ride isn't free
Good aim by design
Yes, I love
I hide my love far away

Twins of life
Pick up the world
Prisoner to sympathy
Pick up the world
Tough days are coming
Don't go alone

Who knew?
Don't go alone

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