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​Hell From Above

This song is by Frozen and appears on the album Enemy Soil (2006).

We feared this moment so much
We turned it into a show
Abduction movies
Stories in the Enquirer
They came down from space
To take over the world
Now they corral us into herds
People running scared
With their children in their arms
Get to the underground
We'll start to plan the revolt!
Panic and thunder combine
To shatter strong men and women
Courage and patience
Almost lost among the dead
We thought at first
That the invaders were just machines
Until the armor was breached
We saw the flesh beneath
The skies were choked
In clouds of solid black
Lightning crashed down
Splitting mountains in half
Couldn't dream up the force
Of their attack
All we could do
Was to hide and wait for help
Hell from above crushes cities
We must find attack solutions
For enemy combative
Disease brings knowledge
Of annihilation
I've been waiting for this fear to come
It's not a problem
Just to pass along to others
We have an enemy to fear
Stand and fight them harder