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Extinction Of The Earth

This song is by Frontside and appears on the album Forgive Us Our Sins (2004).

War... war... war... x3

Dark and lousy heads of the pious blindmen
Reveal the picture of sick violence
The gods of mayhem never again together
Neverending warfare, neverending death

Bloody teardrops portend the future
Falling down the Holy Cross
Sword and shelter, the tribe won't give in
The threshold of your purgatory

The end of time... x3

War... war... war... x2

This is the end of your brightness
Taken over by the shadows
That capture your deep and secret fears
I hear the sounds of the bell

Servants fall and kneel down in front of the devil's throne
Don't split your sins into pieces anymore
Machines of destiny control the evil presence
Pact with the devil signed with your blood

The end of time... x3

Extinction of the Earth x3
Extinction of the Earth x3

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