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This song is by From First to Last and appears on the album Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount (2004).

Girl you must think that I'm crazy
But we all know yous a cutie
And you're all like, "nuh uh boys don't wanna get with me"
Girl please
I can see straight through those
Fake colored contacts
Your eyes ain't blue, I bet that hairs held by glue

Hey shorty why you playin' games
These games were played, the rules were made, you dropped those names and now you got nothign to say

It's like that episode of cheaters
And I'm that dude with the gun
Hiding cameras in your bedroom
Girl I know what you've done
I might be your babys daddy but that don't mean shit
When every dude on the block knows that you're a trick

Uh, imnot a rockstar but I still tend to rock hard
You try to play games tease and try to keep me rock hard
Try to make me slap you and see me in a cop car
Catch me speeding like stock cars expectin' me to stop stop hard you messin with the mind of the craziest kind
Tellin' me how much you love me when I know that you're lyin'
You must be snortin lines if you think that I'm cryin
You manipulatin backstabbin cold and kaniving
I went from last to first but this is first to last
I'm the major leauge playa you can kiss my ass trick

Drop it like its hot
Shake it like a salt shaker