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Royal Crown Vs. Blue Duchess

This song is by From Autumn To Ashes and appears on the album Too Bad You're Beautiful (2001).

Stare into my eyes
Rake your nails across my skin
I know the reason embers of you scatter as you breathe
(embers of you scatter when)
The life you knew disappears
In its wake with one skin
(in its wake your standing in)
As paper I cut your life
(and in paper i cut your life)
Follow the outline that you traced
(Embers of you scatter when)
The life you knew disappears
In its wake you stand with one skin that you do not own
(in its wake your standing in..
as these waves break, there is things i'll miss, things i miss,
and i'm feeling fake, with my whole life on your lips)
The sky is closed today
So here i sit, waiting
For a word that is hidden in Clouds
To take me back from here
(I'm hoping that this fever breaks when this smile spites my face)
Take me back
To a place
I will not
Feel as you
Far away from the offline of you

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