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A Lie Will Always Defeat The Truth

This song is by From Autumn To Ashes and appears on the EP Sin, Sorrow and Sadness EP (2000).

Weight leaves in anger from my shoulders
Words of wisdom crush hope
What is real? I thought I knew
How could I lie to someone, I cared for
How could you lie to me, your words, pierced me
For good, this was done
In the end the truth will shine
To instill truth in your heart, I beg and plead for you
A lie from your lips will make me cry out in pain, as I wish for you to go away
How could I lie to you? I cared for you
How could you lie to me? Your words pierced me
The tremble of your soul injects fear into my heart
I will stand alone
The gentle mind, the one inside me will never hurt you
Actions speak louder than words will ever
So I will show you my sincerity in the shape of my still beating heart