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Supergeil (2014)Edit

Friedrich Liechtenstein - Supergeil


  1. Supergeil (featuring Der Tourist)
  2. Supergeil (EDEKA Version) (featuring Der Tourist)
  3. Supergeil (Scorpio's Miami Brass Remix) (featuring Der Tourist)
  4. Supergeil (Jan Driver Remix) (featuring Der Tourist)
  5. Supergeil (Abendstern Remix) (featuring Der Tourist)

Bad Gastein (2014)Edit

Friedrich Liechtenstein - Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein

  1. Die Auffindung des Wildbades Gastein
  2. Goldberg & Hirsch
  3. Das Badeschloss (Made for the Future)
  4. Elevator Girl
  5. Kommissar d'amor
  6. Belgique, belgique
  7. Das Zimmer
  8. (They Long to Be) Close to You
  9. We Have All the Time in the World
  10. Take It With Me

Additional information

Artist information:

Born: 1956

  • Occupations: singer, musician, entertainer, comedian, puppeteer, actor, director, ornamental hermit

Real name:

Friedrich Liechtenstein is a performance name for Hans-Holger Friedrich.

Years active:

since 2003

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