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Cocaine Alumni

This song is by French Montana.

Montana, Nipsey What Up Nigga, Finally Huh Nigga? East side West side.

(French Montana-Chorus)

Fire Them Gun Shots Cocaine Alumni
Bitches Be Callin
Said I want Cha Babe
Streets They Want Cha here
That's My nigga Hussle Montana
Front ya dead
Pack a semi auto
Shootin down ya door
Or you can use it for ya promo when I put cha in the morgue
Tryna tell dem love don't love nobody
Four four for da snitches/duct tape on da handle ov da shotty

(French Montana-First Verse)

All I know is killaz and brick dealers
All my niggaz break pigeons down in six minutes I'm sick wit it
My heart colder den six fridges
Dey flick pictures
I'm in da club 2 bottles six bitches
Pits fight, dice game, mountain bikes
Niggaz tried 2 ride da wave but dey don't sound alike
Shit heron
Tryna chill on
Couple mills couple bitches on da pill fuck a deal
Know dem young niggaz been straight
Bent wit da temp plate
2 chains blue and white like penn state
Got me high as a kite I can't sit straight
Niggaz album ain't fuckin' wit da mixtape

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