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When You Heard You

This song is by French Kicks and appears on the album One Time Bells (2002).

Put out my hand put out your waterin' eyes
When I have seen better ways to waste my time
Put out my hand put out your waterin' eyes
Oh why I have seen better ways to waste some time
And when you heard you
Troubled with some compliment
And you tried not to whine
Not to feel already spent
And it's true look at you
In the midnight hour now and it you said
"Oh oh do we have a good thing going yet?"
Put out your hand put out your (???) I know
Without some violence you won't want to slow
Let out your hand let out your mind I know oh oh
When nothing else can make you so slow
Pain is a fire gone
Hanging on and on
Wild times with the latest one
Pain is a fire gone

Written by:

Nick Stumpf and Josh Wise

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