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This song is by Freestyler.

im a put it on u white boy like a flu
cut u up like how 50 dissed ja rule and give the rest to my crew,
i know this white nigga dont wanna fight,i know im right,
ask noah bout the shoe wit 4 stripes.
when u caugh,i know ur wackin off,you stink
like a NBA team that didnt make the playoffs
id never let u crash at my home...think i wanna get bonned.....
like jaon,dont get me started he dont know who he facin
jason u wuss who going back to the mainland
notcie when things got hard he ran?
either got away or didnt give a f*ck,
cluck cluck b*tch stop askn me for a buck
everybody has a friend who thinks hes gods gift to wemon,
dats u,dressing all pimpin
look the way u dress in school!
your thinking your hot with a fake dimple,
probable got that by popn a fat ass pimple
speaking of pimple thats what noah is on my ass
a paice of tras,your both hos
id sell u at the corner for 7 cents fast!

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