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Sick Man

This song is by Freestyle.

I'm that youging that steady and slow
cocked back good and i am ready to go
you wanna be bitch but u don't understand you never will know

Don't confuse this ya'll, you can loose it all,
i can put it where u sleep before u get a chance to move it all
i don't mack like a nother rapper doing my thing flip dis beat , come on

I'm affical motherfucker i'm street certified,
rumors circulate bitchs heard that i died
i was on vacation clear in the mind
i was staring at ya watching giving the rhyme

this ain't me at my best this is me at my rest
pulling pins what u see should i stress
what u do should i test
i'm a do it just to cause a little hassle
what the fuck do you want son i ain't a little rascle
this shits not casual

when i'm flipping this verse you fuckers da worst
rhyms hit ya hard and leaving ya in da back of a hearse
cuz i spitting this curse and rippin the earth

i do it all day everyday repping the bk
watch what u say or ur ass i'm gonna slay
wit a tech nine or even a bk

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