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Keepin It Real

This song is by Freestyle.

Respect our song; we keepin it real
We richer than you; we don't have to steal
Ash and me get any girls we want; from Beyonce to Jessica Biel

Me and Mat we up on the game
When you rap, you bring your whole family shame
You're the bitch that we have to tame
2004- it's all about our fame

My style is original yours is funky
Your like Mariah Carey with a strap-on trying to fuck a monkey
You gotta stop eatin those candy bars they makin you chunky

Now that you heard us its time for us to go
This is what i told ur girlfriend last night get on ur knees and blow
That's all the shit you need to know
It's time to go to your mom's house and fuck that hoe


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