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This song is by Freestyle.

Sometimes i rap slow
Sometimes i Rap fast
But Most of the time you got your head up your ass
i hate the fake ass people these days
only care in the world is to get fuckin paid
and then ask these whores to get laid
i mean
you ever see that guy in the video sittin there smilin
and tellin you that you gotta have the money to win
all these tired ass people play themselves out
makes me wanna stand up and shout
and why the fuck do guys go out and pimp it
with the fake ass sluts
actin like there gonna gonna get with it
Then they dont know what to say after i drop muh verse
mother fuckers these days get gang involed
Stupid dipshyts are gonna turn your escalade in to a herse
your ass is better off if you dont start at all
or you gonna fall
what if you gotta wifey and kids at home
wut they gonna do if they all alone
they gonna feel like they ina con
but you gonna be gone way after november like Wyclef john
but since you still makin money by mowin a lawn
wait till you go down on one knee
yo gurl is gonna want sum money
you feel me ??

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