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I Like The Way

This song is by Freestyle and appears on the album I Wanna Get Close (2002).

Ever since the day we met
I can't get you out of my head
Somehow you've put your spell on me
I've always been so hard to please
But you work me with so much ease
Now it's with you I wanna be
'Cause i, I can see heaven in your eyes
If only you would realize
You are the only one for me
You gotta see
(I like the way),
The way you smile
(The way you move),
It blows my mind
(Hear me when I say),
'Cause honey I like the way you are
I'm trying to understand
Each time you hold my hand
I feel deep inside of me
'Cause I've never felt this way before
Wanting you more and more
When we're alone it's plain to see
I long to feel your warm embrace
Your lovin' that no one can replace
You are the only one for me
You gotta see
(Repeat chorus) (adlib)
(Repeat chorus till fade)

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