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'Til I Found You

This song is by Freestyle and appears on the album This Time (2000).

I was alone not long ago without a love to call my own
I was afraid and thought it wasn't meant for me
I didn't need anybody else
That was what I would tell myself
And I believe that that was how it would be

I used to think that I was fine
Oh, that I was doing ok
I didn't know that I was blind
I just went all along my way
I didn't know what I was missing
'Til I felt your tender lips kissing my fears away
I'm so glad you're here today

I never had somebody I could lean on,
I never had a shoulder I could cry on
'Til I found you babe, 'til I found you, oohh...

And I never had somebody I would think about
I never had someone I couldn't do without
'Til I found you babe, 'til I found you, oohh...

I had been badly hurt before
Ever since then, I would ignore every chance for love
I thought it was a lie
I learned to rely upon myself and
I thought that I was doin well, until you came
With something I just can't deny....

I used to think that I was fine, oh
That I was doing alright
I would go on and do my thing, everyday and every night,
I didn't know what I was missing
'Til I felt you tender love fillin' me up inside
I love you with all my might

chorus 2x

and I never knew the way that love could feel
till I found you babe..
and I never thought that love could be so real
till I found you...

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