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Freestyle (1990)Edit

Freestyle - Freestyle


  1. The Party's Just Begun
  2. Count Me In
  3. Come to My House
  4. In Your Face
  5. Don't Stop the Rock
  6. It's Automatic
  7. Go Head
  8. Freestyle Mega Mix

Don't Stop the Rock (1997)Edit

Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock

Don't Stop The Rock

  1. Don't Stop the Rock
  2. Don't Stop the Rock (instrumental)
  3. It's Automatic
  4. It's Automatic (instrumental)
  5. Freestyle
  6. Freestyle (instrumental)
  7. The Party Has Begun
  8. The Party Has Begun (instrumental)

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Years active:


Band members:
  • Byron "LB" Smith
  • Garfield "G Funk" Baker
  • Keedron " Kluv" Fleming
  • Toriando "RockMaster" Newkirk
Former members:
  • Darryl Hawkins
  • Harris Vereen
Related artists:
  • Pretty Tony
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