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Tracing To The West

This song is by Freestone and appears on the album The Temple Of Humanity (2008).

Look out over rivers
The hills and the far horizon
With a profound sense
Of your own littleness in the fast scheme of things
And yet have faith, hope and courage

Know that down inside
We all are as noble, as vile and lonely as ourselves
Within all our sorrow and all our sins
We all fight a hard fight we never can win

We find that every faith, if it's yours or mine
Makes us walk the line
That can help any one to lay hold of things Divine
When majestic meaning in life we can see

For whatever the name of that faith may be
When he can look into a wayside puddle
See something beyond mud, the stain that lies within
And into the face of the most lost fellow mortal
And see something beyond sin

Keep the faith with yourself
In your mind the smallest candle
In your heart a bit of a song
I am hooked on to life, not afraid to die
Find the secret, give it to the world
As we fade away, but the spirit will stay

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