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The Temple Of Humanity

This song is by Freestone and appears on the album The Temple Of Humanity (2008).

Blindfolded, neither closed nor naked
All things I've set apart but with a dagger on my heart
Hear the cosmic symphony at the heart of all reality
Of good report to get into The Temple of Humanity

Life in circles, it's difficult to break it
I'm still trying to lose the fear of dying
In my own willingness I had to drain the cup of bitterness
My inner guide helped me to find before I could decide

It will only be you and me
We can all be part of The Temple of Humanity
It will be denied by the prisoners outside

Here's the symbol and you will see
We can all be stones and the feel inside will take you there
Look around for I know it can be found
Between compass and square

Blindfolded, it's very hard to make it
What is the purpose below the surface
It can be hard to see the faith in which all agree
It can be found within the sound of The Temple of Humanity

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