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This song is by Freedy Johnston and appears on the album This Perfect World (1994).

Dolores was her middle name
She read the book and everything
Now I know how old I am
Have you ever seen that film?

Talking to a hotel mirror with my glasses off
Now you know just what he's crying about

Dolores was her middle name
Dangling from a silver chain
Where'd you learn to talk that way?
I look like James Mason's ghost.

Talking to a friend after school but you don't see
That she's really looking right at me, yeah, yeah, yeah

Dolores was her middle name
And now her mother's wondering
If I could see my wrinkled face
Paint her lovely toenails red

Writing all my problems in a secret little book
Now I know just what he should've done.
Talking to me like I'm just a little late
Now you know just what he's talking about.

Dolores was her middle name X 2

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