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Heart Of The Brave

This song is by Freedom Call and appears on the EP Taragon (1999).

Born in a nation
A young generation
Is praying for salvation
Out of damnation

When the power's rising
Light fades the shadows away
Far beyond the gates of time
A revolution's calling
The power of freedom so devine
Saves us all from falling down

Voices from an ancient time
A prayer for the dying
A call for rebellion in the night
The lost souls are crying

Take my hand and fly away
Across the endless skies
The time will wash my sins away
I'll bury all the lies

Take the power and fight for the brave
And the power of freedom remains

I'm riding across the endless skies
And I'm watching the spirits flying
The time has come to fight
Brave at heart I'm dying

Take my hand and fly away
Across the endless skies
I'll find the way to paradise
I'll bury all the lies


Praise the lord of the glorious land
Time for me to understand
I believe in the sign he sent
Fame and glory I defend

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