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With You All The Time

This song is by Fredrik Kempe.

I live beneath the heart
I watch you from the dark
I'm every breath, I'm everydream
I've known you forever
I've followed you everywhere
I'm every scar, I'm who you are

When you think you're alone and you cry 'cause the world's unfair
You can rest assure that I'm always there

Even when you feel like you don't belong
Even when you thought that it all goes wrong
Know that I'm with you, I'm with you all the time
Say a little prayer for the restless heart, we shall never ever drift apart
Know that I'm with you, know that I'm with you... with you all the time

I've walked your evey road
I'm laughing when you smile
And when you cry, I cry too
I made you a promise that I shall forever keep
You're on your own, but not alone
Wehn your're down, and the world tells you no one cares
You can rest assure, I'm always there

Save a little love for me, you'll see (x3)

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