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The Turn (A Pagan Lament)

This song is by Fredo Viola and appears on the album The Turn (2008).

I took a turn into the world of pop
Everything I'd learned I abruptly dropped
I'd seen the woods and its shining arches
And wandered down the road to the open sea

The coldness unfolds over stats and charts
As my love is sold to consuming hearts
And while I prepare words with little meaning
They classify my work for the Western world

Ice in the woods, now my spring is over
My path to the sea is now a dusty street

The lights in the night hide the blues and greens
My mind like a knife cuts the softened things
Oh, where are my eyes? Hiding in the forest
And where is my voice? In the MP3

I'm cold as the stone, you know I can't be glad
And my love is sold, and my soul is sapped
Oh come to the shore where the walkway's broken
Pay tears to the sea, she will be your queen

Oh I took a turn, oh I took a turn, oh I...

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