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Freddy King Sings (1961)Edit

Freddy King Sings
Freddy King Sings
  1. See See Baby
  2. Lonesome Whistle Blues
  3. Takin' Care of Business
  4. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
  5. You Know That You Love Me (But You Never Tell Me So)
  6. I'm Tore Down
  7. I Love the Woman
  8. Let Me Be (Stay Away From Me)
  9. It's Too Bad Things Are Going So Tough
  10. You've Got to Love Her With a Feeling
  11. If You Believe (In What You Do)
  12. You Mean, Mean Woman (How Can Your Love Be True)

Let's Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King (1961)Edit

Freddie King - Let's Hide Away And Dance Away With Freddy King
Let's Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King
  1. Hide Away
  2. Butterscotch
  3. Sen-Sa-Shun
  4. Side Tracked
  5. The Stumble
  6. Wash Out
  7. San-Ho-Zay
  8. Just Pickin'
  9. Heads Up
  10. In the Open
  11. Out Front
  12. Swooshy

Bossa Nova and Blues (1963)Edit

Bossa Nova and Blues
Bossa Nova and Blues
  1. (I'd Love to) Make Love to You
  2. You're Barkin' Up the Wrong Tree
  3. Look Ma, I'm Cryin'
  4. It Hurts to Be in Love
  5. You Walked In
  6. The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist
  7. Is My Baby Mad at Me
  8. Someday, After Awhile (You'll Be Sorry)
  9. One Hundred Years
  10. Bossa Nova Blues
  11. The Welfare (Turns It's Back on You)
  12. Walk Down That Aisle (Honey Chile)

Freddie King Is a Blues Master (1969)Edit

Freddie King Is a Blues Master
Freddie King Is a Blues Master
  1. Play It Cool
  2. That Will Never Do
  3. It's Too Late, She's Gone
  4. Blue Shadows
  5. Today I Sing the Blues
  6. Get Out of My Life, Woman
  7. Hideaway
  8. Funky
  9. Hot Tomato
  10. Wide Open
  11. Sweet Thing
  12. Let Me Down Easy

My Feeling For The Blues (1970)Edit

My Feeling For The Blues
My Feeling For The Blues
  1. Yonder Wall
  2. Stumble
  3. I Wonder Why
  4. Stormy Monday
  5. I Don't Know
  6. What'd I Say
  7. Ain't Nobody's Business What We Do
  8. You Don't Have to Go
  9. Woke Up This Morning
  10. The Things I Used to Do
  11. My Feeling for the Blues

Getting Ready (1971)Edit

Getting Ready
Getting Ready
  1. Same Old Blues
  2. Dust My Broom
  3. Worried Life Blues
  4. Five Long Years
  5. Key to the Highway
  6. Going Down
  7. Living on the Highway
  8. Walking by Myself
  9. Tore Down
  10. Palace of the King
  11. Gimme Some Lovin'
  12. Send Me Someone to Love

Woman Across the River (1973)Edit

Freddie King - Woman Across The River
Woman Across the River
  1. Woman Across the River
  2. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
  3. Danger Zone
  4. Boogie Man
  5. Leave My Woman Alone
  6. Just a Little Bit
  7. Yonders Wall
  8. Help Me Through the Day
  9. I'm Ready
  10. Trouble in Mind
  11. You Don't Have to Go

Texas Cannonball (1974)Edit

Freddie King - Texas Cannonball
Texas Cannonball
  1. Lowdown in Lodi
  2. Reconsider Baby
  3. Big Legged Woman
  4. Me and My Guitar
  5. I'd Rather Be Blind
  6. Can't Trust Your Neighbor
  7. You Were Wrong
  8. How Many More Years
  9. Ain't No Sunshine
  10. The Sky Is Crying

Also Appears OnEdit

  1. Atlantic Blues: Chicago (1986)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Ain't Nobody's Business
  2. Big Leg Woman (With A Short Short Mini Skirt)
  3. Big Legged Women
  4. Boogie Funk
  5. Country Boy
  6. Full Time Love
  7. I Had A Dream
  8. I Just Want To Make Love To You
  9. Living In The Palace Of The King
  10. Pack It Up
  11. Sugar Sweet
  12. That's All Right
  13. That's What You Think
  14. Whole Lotta Lovin'

Additional information

Artist information:
  • Born: 1934, Died: 1976
  • Occupation: Musician, singer-songwriter
  • Instruments: Guitar, vocals
Real name:

Freddie King is a performance name for Freddie King.

Years active:


Record labels:

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