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That's Why It Hurts

This song is by Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians.

I'm searching for the silence, hear the sound of pouring rain
An insisting voice of nature ... as persistent as my pain
And I stare out of the window, see the rain clouds passing by
A continuous alternation ... as unstable as my life
In this everlasting echo, it's this dreadful emtpy room
It surrounds me full of memories and frustration counquers soon
And why the hell I have to suffer when the wind speaks out your name
And in my egocentric vision - psychologically insane

I shed all my tears, alone in this world
But the longer I weep the more it hurts
I whisper my pain, try to fill it with words
But you took them away, that's why it hurts

Read the last words that you left me 'cause there's nothing else to do
Seems as if I hear your voice ... So I look up, but where are you?
Don't know how long I can stand this - still your perfume in our bed
God, this emptiness will kill me ... if I'm not already dead
When I think of bygone moments - yearning water in my eyes
Still a lot I'd like to tell you, but I cannot turn back time
And why the hell I have to suffer in this cruel and unfair world
And when the sun comes out to warm me it's still cold and still it hurts

How should I see with my eyes?
How should I know that all the things might die?
How should I start to realise - now I know
How should I feel you'll leave me
How should I know that I'm not too blind to see?
How should I know it's not too deep - now I know