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Deep Inside

This song is by Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians.

Desperatly depressed or even deeply hopeless
This was rather simple for you
Extremely excited as well as quite delighted
How easily attainable, too
Tremendously addictive but nonetheless selective
Your will persuades them all
Overwhelming frantic, the next moment just romantic
Once flexible, adaptable for sure
Now strangely indifferent, yes, almost inconsistent
Why to neglect your force
Amazingly rejecting the way that you were acting
Once so natural, invincible and pure

That's the meaning of your life
Full of emotions deep inside your mind
That's the difference you deny
Just share your feelings utilize your might

(Deep inside x2)

You're absolutely absent, became so madly different
You think that it won't hurt no more
Though even blessed so badly, incredibly and sadly
Without a try you can't overcome it all

Smouldering ashes, uncontrollable
I can see it, it burns in your mind
Flickering temper, still emotional
When hot blood surges into your face
So suspicios, unapprochable
Tell me where is the friend I once knew
Be ambitious, be infectious though
Be again what you once used to be
Sentimental and insatiable
Leave the pain and decepations behind
That's your vision, that's the concequence
Of your nature and your whole life

(Live it again x3)