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Your Love

This song is by Fred Hammond and appears on the album Pages of Life: Chapters I & II (1998).

It goes beyond all knowledge (your love)
Anything I've ever known (your love)
Bearing what I never could (your love)
Paid what I owed (your love)
Covering my darkest side (your love)
Unconditional it remains (your love)
Forever it purifies (your love)

They say that love is given to'
The more we know about each other the more love we exchange
But how can this be?
Cause before I knew who you are
You were loving me
And a love like this is so hard to describe.

I know the story of the gift you gave to man
And as we walk together
I would never understand
It would take a million lifetimes
To perceive the love that you have for my life
A love like this is really hard to describe

What kind
What kind of love is this?
Beyond anything I've known
No other love, no other love
No other.

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