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You Are My Life

This song is by Fred Hammond and appears on the album Speak Those Things: POL Chapter 3 (2002).

The evening now in sight
I earnestly contend
To just stay grounded
With the absence of the light
The enemy moves in
And I am surrounded
With a weary heart
The battle goes on
Lord I will rest in the Words
That You spoke to me

You are my Life
You are my strength
My faithful defense and My cover
My shield and shelter
Saviour and shepherd
You're my life and my strength
Jesus You are

The warfare rages on
The toll it takes is that
My heart is tender
My spirit yet is strong
But as usual my flesh
Wants to surrender
Though it's hard to wait
On your word I'll depend and believe with my heart
Until the end

In my distress I called on You
And from Your throne
You heard me and saved me

You are X6
Oh, You are
Jesus You are my shield and shelter
Savior and shepherd
You're my life
Jesus You are
(Repeat vamp)

You are my life
You are my strength
You are my life
You are my strength (OUT)

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