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Show Me Your Face

This song is by Fred Hammond and appears on the album Speak Those Things: POL Chapter 3 (2002).


Show me your face
need to see you clearly
no more mistakes
look at all the time i'm losing
more than your mercy
Lord will you take me
closer, (show me) let me see your face

Verse 1(Fred):
Its the hardest thing that I ever had to do
and that's admit the truth
The reason I missed you was all because of me
Seemed okay at the time
but now I find
It wasn't worth it, it wasn't worth it

Chorus 1x

Verse 2:
Heres what I'm counting on with you
Lord you know me through and through
Remove the broken pieces
All the fragments and debris
Till there's nothing left of me
And I say, here is a heart yielded totally, totally

Chorus 1x

Fred:Now theres one thing left to do
Choir:One thing left to do
Fred:Everything else must move
Choir:Everything else must move
Fred:Gotta Find the place
Both:Where I can see your face, I can see your face
Fred:Now my secrets turn to say
Choir:Secrets turn to say
Fred:And I need more than a word
Choir:Need more than just a word
Fred:Put me in the place
Choir:where i can see your, see your face

Choir & Fred:
I need to see your face
see your face
Put me in the place
where I can see your face
See your face, See your face
Put me in the place
Where I can see your face
See your face, see your face
Put me in the place
Where I can see your face, can see your face

Chorus 1x

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