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Prelude: BreeAnn Michelle, Darius Sean Hammond

This song is by Fred Hammond and appears on the album Love Unstoppable (2009).

(Lord we love you)
Dear God:
Thank you for everything you've done for my family. Thank you for keeping us safe.
(You are good, yeah ? Lord, we love you)
Lord, it's been rough at times but you helped us through. (You are good, yeah)
Please bless other families to make it through bad times. (Lord, we love you)
Lord, bless my dad, my mom, my sister, the President and all my family and friends. (You are good, yeah)

Lord, bless everyone who hears this CD
If they don't feel good, please help them feel better. (Lord, we love you, yeah)
Lord, bless our country and the troops, my school and everyone's school. (You are good, yeah ? Lord we love you)
And most of all bless someone to be better friends with you because of my Dad's music. (You are good)
In Jesus? name, Amen.

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