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Jesus Is All

This song is by Fred Hammond and appears on the album Pages of Life: Chapters I & II (1998).

Jesus is all the world
The world to me
He is my life
He's everything that I've hoped for
He's everything that I need
When I am lonely
He gives me comfort
When I'm sad he cheers me
I wanna let you know
If I should fall
He lifts me up
And When I am empty
He fills my cup, yeah

Verse 1
I was thinkin bout the time when I
I didn't have a dime
I thought if I could just get paid
I would be just fine
But the money let me down yes it did
It couldn't even buy me love
So I gave jesus, control of my life
And I'm really satisfyed
Now I wanna let you know

Chorus 2
I dont get excited
About much, but I tell you this
If you wanna know the deal
I'm tellin you jesus is real
He woke me up this morning
And started me on my way
Thats a real nice thing


Verse 2
Without Jesus, say
I couldn't face the day
Without the lord in my life
I really dont wanna say
But I will say this
Without the savior in my life
All I would do is fail
I would be tossed and driven
Like a ship in a storm
Without a sail
So I wanna let you know

(repeat Chorus 2)

I've been alot of places
And I've seen alot of things
But I want to let you know one thing, hey

(repeat Chorus 2)

Jesus is all
Jesus is all the world to me
Jesus is all
Absolutley everything
When I was a wretch undone
He looked beyond my faults
And thats a real nice thing
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Jesus is all
Jesus is all the world to me
Jesus is all
Absolutley everything
Although he strechted his arms and died
He rose again with all power
Thats a real nice thing

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