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Call Me Righteous

This song is by Fred Hammond and appears on the album The Spirit of David (1996).

I'm not the same

I was lost, didn't know my future
So alone, couldn't see who He was
But He chose me, changed my life completely
Fixed my heart, cleansed me and made me Holy

It was no good that I've done
To make You call me one of Your sons
Couldn't pay the price to save my life
But You took the cost, and found what was lost

Call me righteous, since He changed my nature
Call me righteous, changed my name
Call me righteous, I'm a brad new creature
Call me righteous, I'm not the same

I can't believe, He knew all about me
Still he loved me, enough to forgive me
I never thought, my name would be royal
Since He gave, I will give Him all

(Repeat Chorus)

Baptized me, justified me, purified me
When He changed my nature
Sanctified me, glorified me
When He changed my name
He just called me righteous, say

For by grace we are saved
It's a grace thing, my name has been changed
He just called me righteous, say

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