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Here Before

This song is by Fred and appears on the album Making Music So You Don't Have To (2005).

I've been here in this place before
And I'm sure that I'll be here again
And though we have never met
I feel that you'll have a plan for me

And if you're looking for me
I'll be fooling 'round with time
If it's on my hands
Unless there's something you can do
To make me change my mind
Make me understand

And if you say it won't you
Please please be afraid
Because there's something
'Bout the world being
Purposely made
And only foolish folk do
Think put their head on the line
And I've been foolish for an age
Way before my time

If I was like you
I'd know what to say
Every time I come
In touch with this and
No one I know could
Chart out my route
Could ever come close to
Spilling words like you do

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