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Under The Covers

This song is by Freaks Of Nature.

When your hands rub against me
I rub against you
Like a fast runer running
I fall between you

Thongs in your drawers
Bras in your closet
I look around and
Our baby's posit.

Wanna make love with me?
I wanna make love with you.
I wanna make a baby.
Oh, I wanna make love with you, yeah.

You and me
And our baby.
Boy our girl?
Son or daighter?
We're gonna have a wedding.
A shotgun weddding.
Because I love you.
Because I love you!

Thongs in your closet!
Ooh... bras in in your drawers!
I want you more!
In bed all alone!

We'll have so much fun!
Oh, so much fun!
I rub your ass,
And you rub mine.

Bare naked,
Under the covers.
Our baby's being made!

Ooh thongs in your closet!
Ooh our baby's being made!
Bras in your drawers,
Our baby's being made...!
(Repeat until fade)

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