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Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out

This song is by Freak Power and appears on the album Drive-Thru Booty (1994).

Some people been driving too fast
Some people still having a gas
But if there's one thing you gotta conceed,
You gotta know who's driving you car,
You get to fifth gear with you foot on the floor
Or else you're starring in "a cruise too far".

Turn on, tune in, cop out.
Let it flow now mama,
Let it flow become a woman.

Some people been wasting their time
Some people expanding their minds
But if you've known love like the jokers before
The you're likely to be home on the range
No more the cowboy gosta flaunt his wares
He's been grazing on a different plain.

Turn on, tune in, cop out
Let it flow now mama
Let it flow become a woman

It's easy to see why there's a thousands of people
Are regularily turning it out
It's easy to find when you mess with your mind
That you've gone beyond a resonable doubt

Turn on tune in cop out
Let if flow now mama
Let it flow become a woman.

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