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(ooooo) Swearin' to God
There's no one else on earth I'd rather be
Mmmmmm... Swearin' to God
You made me see so I believed in me
Oh you've been fillin' my cup
'Til I'm runnin' over with joy
From you heaven sent love
Just touch me again
I'm king of all men... and reigning from above

Swearin' to God (Swearin' to God)
Your mistress of the world and all I am
(Don't tell the angels)
Swearin' to God (Swearin' to God)
Your where I won in paradise... began
No one gets me up there like you can
But girl you know I'm only human
And I'm swearin' to god (Swearin' to God)
So glad you've givin' me, you

(I was known for you, baby)
Girl ain't you glad we made it
(Made to give my heart and soul to you, baby)
I'm so very glad you gave it
(Hey baby were together)
Try livin' on forever as long
As long as we live (as we live)

Swearin' to god (Swearin' to God)
Why dedicate my life to loving you
(Don't tell the angels)
I'm swearin' to god (Swearin' to God)
I cross my heart and hope to die... I do
Just call me your one woman lover
I can't even look at another
I'm swearin' to god (swearin' to god)
So glad I'm livin'
I'm swearin' to god (Swearin' to God)
For all he's givin' me
Swearin' to god (Swearin' to God)
So glad he's givin' me you
Whooooa, swearin' to god (Swearin' to God)
Look what he's givin' me (Swearin' to God)
More than the world can see (Swearin' to God)
He's givin' me you... oh
(I love you)

Written by:

Bob Crewe and Denny Randell

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