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Home Again Blues

This song is by Frankie Lee Sims.

I went down home, boys, where the weather suits my clothes
I done fooled 'round here in Dallas, boys, 'til I'm done got cold
If you see my woman, please 'od, tell her I said to hurry home
Boy, I ain't had no real lovin', my God, boys, since my old woman's been gone

Ain't that a shame, low-down dirty shame?
Boys, ain't that a shame, low-down dirty shame?
Boy, to love a sweet little woman, boy, and you're scared to call her name

Well, If I'd a-listened, what my Mama said
I'd a-been at home, boys, sleepin' in my Mama's bed
But you know how boys and girls nowadays, they won't pay their mother no mind
Because they gone all night, your mother's in her back door cryin'

Baby, baby, baby, hear me callin' you?
Baby, can't you hear this black man callin' you?
Well, I'm goin' down the country, woman, God know, what more can a black man do

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