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Lucy Mae Blues (1970)Edit

Frankie Lee Sims - Lucy Mae Blues

Lucy Mae Blues

  1. Lucy Mae Blues
  2. Married Woman
  3. Jelly Roll Baker
  4. I'm So Glad
  5. Boogie Cross the Country
  6. Frankie's Blues
  7. Don't Take It Out on Me
  8. I Done Talked and I Done Talked
  9. Cryin' Won't Help You
  10. Raggedy and Dirty
  11. Lucy Mae Blues - Part 2
  12. Long Gone

Walking With Frankie (1985)Edit

Frankie Lee Sims - Walking With Frankie

Walking With Frankie

  1. Woman Why'd You Break My Heart
  2. Short Haired Woman
  3. My Home Ain't Here
  4. Lucy Mae Blues
  5. Jelly Roll Baker
  6. Come Back Baby (Take 1)
  7. Come Back Baby (Take 2)
  8. Send My Soul to the Devil
  9. As Long as I Live
  10. Walkin' With Frankie Lee
  11. Don't Be Mad at Me
  12. Going Back to Dallas
  13. Going to the River
  14. Frankie Lee Boogie

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Hey Little Girl
  2. Home Again Blues
  3. I'll Get Along Somehow
  4. Misery Blues
  5. My Talk Didn't Do No Good
  6. No Good Woman
  7. Rhumba My Boogie
  8. She Likes to Boogie Real Low
  9. Single Man Blues
  10. Walking Boogie
  11. Well Goodbye Baby
  12. Yeh, Baby!

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