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We Still

This song is by Frankie J and appears on the album What's A Man To Do? (2003). did things get this way
You know I still love you
No matter what I say
No matter what I do
You know we still love each other

I know that you and I have been through
Many downs before oh yeah...
But that don't mean the chance
Has gone away to love each other more
We've struggled and we've fought
To keep us both between the lines oh yeah...

Through many years we've cried
Our tears and always kept our pride you can't say that

We still...
Always argue all the time
Never make love when is right
We still...
Never say we love each other
Always up in one another
We still...
Fight for every little thing
Never ever stop to think that we still
Always loved each other...

I know at times, you'd believe
We would never change...oh yeah...
You said we'd never change...
That is was much to overcome
Much of an obstacle to take mmmm
But you were always one
To always think the worst of things

Yeah... yeah...
So it was always me
To take the standand take the initiative
So you can't say that


-Oh don't you know that we still
-Don't you know that I'm for real
-Oh don't you know we still

We still... fight for every little thing
Never ever stop to think that we still
Always loved each other...

Oh! No no...
Don't you know that we still
I'm for real... I'm for real baby...
No no no...
Oh yeah...

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