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Let It Go

This song is by Frankie J.

Were gunna take it to the club for thiiss one...

Frankie j... pitbull...
Looks like we gottaa nothaa one

... Spanish

Soon as you walk through the door I know I've seen you before.
Yes, I remember baby.
You try to play like you don't you say that you won't, but I remember baby.
I see the game that you play, but you can't get away.
So don't try to fight it baby.
I want what you got, if you want it too.
Baby tell me what you want to do.
... Lasers gone... love the way your body blows

What you waitin for ? girl I know you got some more.
On the dance floor do it well, loose yaself.
Make up to the music.
Man take control, let it go.
Feel it in your soul, let the music take control.
Let go.

And now were out on the floor, beggin for more.
It got you thinkin' baby bout where we can go to be all alone
I see the game that you play but you can't get away
So don't t ry to fight it baby
I want what you got, if you want it to.
So baby tell me what you ant to do

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