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Who The Hell Are You

This song is by Frankee and appears on the album The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (2004).

I can't take your attitude
Boy who the hell are you
Walking around like you own something when the truth is not at all
Gave you my credit cards so you could hit the mall
Still you complain saying things tryna make me feel small

Who the hell are you to try to make me cry, I need to know why
Thinking of you the shit you really ain't shit to do me like this
And who the hell are you to try to bring me down
Lemme put you down...
I'm not with this, lemme show you how it is

So baby on the real you ain't nobody to ever try to make me feel
This way
U'r so lame... you better ask somebody
Looks like I'll have to take my love away

Why you wanna curse at me
Call me all outta my name
Watch yourself playa you don't wanna see it get ugly
Why don't you get a job, really it ain't that hard
Instead of doing things to bug me

You ain't nobody to me so
That's why its easy to leave you
Pack all your shit I don't need you
And that's on the real dude
You swear that you a real thug then
Come around my wayyou gets nothing
Don't even think about lovin'
You gets nothing

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